Free Video Sharing Sites to Upload your Videos

When it comes to video sharing, one site dominates above all others and it’s not even close.


We all know what site we’re talking about, so we’re not even going to make mention of it in this post. (Okay, it’s YouTube. The site is YouTube, and that’s it about it.)

What we are going to be making mention of, however, are the seven best, free, video sharing sites that are not under the control of a billion dollar behemoth company.

Thankfully these websites offer numerous advantages that give them their unique edges. For instance if you’re in the market for a video sharing site that allows duplicate content, or explicit content, you know YouTube is not the way to go.

Here are four of the best video sharing websites that gives you more for less.

1. – 130 million monthly visitors

Vimeo Homepage
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Vimeo obviously does a lot of things right, as evidenced by its significant traffic numbers. The videos here are generally more professional and interactive, and it has a free version with lots of benefits, alongside a plus version, at $59.95, and a pro version at $199.

2. Dailymotion – 100 million monthly visitors

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Dailymotion is a video-sharing website with an impressive array of quality content. From funny animal videos, to in-depth tutorials and political commentary, Dailymotion is a particularly popular platform among upcoming, talented, content creators, as well as consumers.

3. – 50 million monthly visitors

Streamable homepage
FOTO: Screenshot checks all the major boxes that a serious video-sharing platform ought to check. Its servers are fast, it is safe to use, and it boasts of high-definition quality streaming capacity.

It also doesn’t require sign ups to watch videos, and is employed by great content providers out there.

4. – unknown monthly visitors

Streamja homepage
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Streamja is a relatively new video-sharing platform that is fast gaining attention thanks to its simplicity and focus on the essential aspects of video hosting and sharing only.

Thanks to its relative newness, the platform is far from bloated, and quite easy to navigate. Consequently, at the moment there are also way more quality contents than spammy ones, and early adopters have only great things to say.


Streamvi homepage
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If ease-of-use and an attractive user interface is your thing, then you will definitely enjoy using Streamvi. Based on the companies own statement and numerous other evidence, it is obvious that emphasis on Streamvi is placed on simplicity and accessibility.

The platform is relatively limited at the moment, though, as it has a 25mb size limit on uploads. But this is majorly because it is geared mainly towards short and highly optimised video. At any rate, Streamvi user experience is pleasurable and the platform seems to have a great future ahead of it.

Other Options

Other available options for video sharing include LiveLeak, a U.K-based website with a special emphasis on politics, war, and general world events; Twitch, which is mainly for gamers seeking to broadcast their skills to a more niche audience than YouTube; Veoh, which is mainly dependent on user-generated materials available for embedding on external sites and blogs.

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