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Discord is quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms for chatting and sharing video files among gamers, corporations, and many other users. While the platform is easy to use and very convenient, your user experience may be ruined by trying to upload files that are too big. Discord has a file size limit of just 8MB, which is not a lot when it comes to high-quality video files. If you do not want to end up uploading your content in bits and pieces, a better solution is needed. This is where online video compressors, such as Streamvi come in. With our easy-to-use Discord video compressor, you can compress videos of any size by up to 90%, leaving you with a much smaller file size that is easier to manage, store, and upload.

Unlike other tools that does the same thing, Streamvi has the distinct advantage of being able to compress all of your video files without reducing the video or audio quality. This means, from your audience's point of view, the video will still look the same but will download or stream much faster. Our Discord Video Compressor is based on a set of highly advanced algorithms that are the cutting edge of video compression technology.

If you are a serious Discord user, you probably have a lot of videos saved on your computer, phone or tablet, which means sooner or later, storage space will become an issue. Streamvi's Discord Compressor is simple to use, free, and an awesome tool that helps you make your videos smaller in size.

How to compress Discord video online

Step 1

Upload a video

To use Discord Compressor, choose a video file up to 100 MB in size and upload it by clicking "Choose Files" or dragging and dropping the file.

Step 2

Compress Discord Video

Your Discord video is being compressed to a smaller size so that it can bypass Discord's 8MB Size limit. This process may take some time, so please wait.

Step 3

Download Compressed Discord Video

You can easily download and share the compressed video on Discord after the compression process is complete on Streamvi, making it effortless to share with anyone.

Key features:

  • Say goodbye to the 8MB size limit with Streamvi's Discord Compressor, which allows you to compress as many videos as you need, with no restrictions.
  • Our compression process is designed to reduce video size for use on Discord without compromising video or audio quality.
  • MP4, MOV, and MKV are among the major video formats supported by us.
  • The Online Discord Compressor we offer is completely free of charge, allowing you to bypass the 8MB limit for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use our Compressor to make your Video File smaller in size. This will make sharing your video on Discord easier, and we're here to help you achieve it.

Discord Compressor maintains the visual and audo quality of your files even after compression.

You are free to compress an unlimited number of videos using Streamvi - there are no restrictions.