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The arrival of MP4 file formats revolutionized media sharing, and ever since then, this has been a very popular choice for content creators and social media enthusiasts. However, the need for faster upload and download speeds as well as reducing the amount of storage space files take up means knowing how to compress MP4 files is a necessary skill. Luckily, with a versatile and dependable tool, such as Streamvi, you never again have to worry about how you are going to compress your MP4 files because this great software does it all for you in no time at all. It is presented in a very user-friendly format that makes it simple even for beginners to go on the platform and compress the files they need.

When compressing MP4s, creators usually have to choose from three different ways of doing it, which are either cutting the unnecessary parts, converting the file to a lighter format, or changing the compression rate. With Streamvi, you do not have to worry about choosing the right option because this tool does it all for you in the background while you wait. This guarantees that no matter what size of MP4 file you have, or which platform you intend to upload it on, you will get the best quality MP4 file each time.

While many compressors end up negatively impacting the frame rate and audio and video quality of compressed files, with Streamvi you are guaranteed that all your files will be of great quality even after compressing them by an impressive 90%. The process is also very fast, so if you have a long list of MP4 files that need to be compressed very quickly and uploaded online, this is the right tool for you. Once you try Streamvi for the first time you will understand why it is one of the most trusted MP4 compressors online.

How to compress mp4 online

Step 1

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Select a .MP4 file with a maximum size of 100MB, and either click "Choose Files" or drag and drop the file to upload your file.

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We are compressing your .MP4 video file to a smaller size. Please wait a few seconds, as the compression process may take a couple of minutes to complete.

Step 3

Download Compressed MP4 file

Once the compression process is complete, simply click the Download Files button to download the compressed MP4 file onto your device.

Key features:

  • There are absolutely no limitations to the number of MP4 videos you can compress!
  • The design of the MP4 Compressor is user-friendly, ensuring easy usability.
  • With Streamvi MP4 Compressor being a web-based service, there's no requirement for you to download or install any software such as Handbrake.
  • Compressing MP4 video files using our Online Compressor is completely free and doesn't involve any fees or charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can Easily compress MP4 files online for free with Streamvi MP4 Compressor, a web-based service.

Streamvi MP4 Compressor minimizes the loss of video quality that may occur during the compression of an MP4 Video file.

No, you can Compress MP4 Files without any subscription fees.