Top 3 best VPN providers of 2020

Rather than a decrease in its importance, what we’re experiencing in 2020 is an even more imperative need for the use of VPN services.

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Our online privacies have arguably never been as threatened as they are at the moment. Never has the need to mask IP address from malicious parties been so paramount – and this, is why VPNs are starting to become one of the most important tools in your online arsenal.

With increase in importance, however, comes increase in demand. And with increase in demand comes a corresponding increase in supply – which is basically a way of saying there are so many VPN providers out there right now, making a choice of which to go with is not as easy as it was five years ago.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we have provided this detailed post to guide you on which VPN providers are the best in the business right now in the year 2020.

1. Express VPN

ExpressVPN Homepage
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  • Number of Servers – 3000+
  • Server Locations – 160

Express VPN kick-starts our list of the three best VPNs of 2020 for these main reasons: speed, privacy, and unblocking – which are, without a doubt, the three holy grails of VPN services.

Frustrating speed, both in initializing, and then in connection, is an headache that may ruin the overall experience of using VPN, even with high privacy and unblocking.

But Express VPN doesn’t just boast of all three alone, it is also quite versatile, as it works perfectly in more than 90 countries, has superb customer service, and runs on almost any platform.

2. CyberGhost

CyberghostVPN Homepage
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  • Number of Servers – 5,700+
  • Server Locations – 110+

CyberGhost VPN gets the second nod on our list for its amazing and versatile functionalities. Before we get further into this this, it is worth mentioning that it manages to achieve these functionalities while also retaining excellence in the fundamental functions, such as speed and privacy.

It supports usage across ninety countries, boasts of a user base of over 10 million users, and an amazing unblocking functionality.

It is capable of determining, and helping you switch, to a country where your desired content isn’t blocked, all in a flash. Apart from a somewhat complicated interface, which keeps it from attaining number one spot on our list, CyberGhost is all smooth sailing and awesome features.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN Homepage
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  • Number of Servers – 5,500 +
  • Server Locations – 55+

NordVPN would have definitely taken the first position on our list but for a recently discovered security issue which shook users trust in the platform considerably.

Now everything seems back to normal and working as it should, with all its features retaining a definite edge over similar ones from its competition.

Among NordVPN’s high points are its fast connection and download speeds, efficient and smart geo-restriction work around, kill switches, 2048-bit encryption, among others.


There you have it – our list of the best VPN for you in 2020. All our selections passes the fundamental requirements of speed, accuracy, unblocking and privacy, and take it even further with their own additional functionalities that set them apart.

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  1. My son told me that I need a VPN to watch shows when I leave for europe soon, and he installed Atlas VPN. I got Netflix on my tablet and I use Atlas VPN to stream it. Do I have to buy more VPNs to stream more apps or can I stick just to one?

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